Mentorship 2020

Mentorship and our Mentors

Mentorship is a professional relationship between two or more people that’s focused on learning and development which involves: knowledge sharing, the transfer of social capital, and social support.

When you google “women in tech” , you often end up reading articles with the following statements:

It turns out that getting your foot in the tech industry door is not necessarily the hardest part for women. Those women who’ve earned their jobs in tech are often stalling mid-career. Why is this? A lack of social and financial capital, few role models, and an absence of robust networks leave women without vital support and guidance to advance their careers.

Female mentorship goes beyond technical skills, and we focused on using our platform to give this opportunity to mentees in 2020, something good out of a lockdown.

See our stellar mentor’s list:

Mary Nolan
Senior UX Researcher
Nora Gasparik
Product Design Lead
Ruchi Palin
Head of Research & Development
Olga Filimon Łęcka
Product Design
Nerina Hrvarcic
UX Research Lead
Mary O’Gorman
Principal Product